The Light Tape® Step Guard™ Egress System is built for safety but designed for elegance. The only solution in the world where the manufacturer not only makes the fixture but also the light source. Following the natural evolution of any product, first we began by perfecting Light Tape®, the ideal egress light source commonly utilized in industrial wayfinding. The logical next step was to build on what we learned and engineer the prefect fixtures for public spaces, auditoriums and cinemas. The combination of Light Tape® and Step Guard™ is setting a new standard in egress lighting.


Even Illumination

LED light dots have long been a distraction to stage performers and patrons alike. Light Tape® changes that paradigm from dots to one uniform continuous light that is easy on the eyes with no annoying glare.

Extremely Durable

Light Tape® is heavy load capable, V60 and IP65 rated. Able to withstand the harshest environments. The system utilizes our world class barrier encapsulating film specifically designed for the aerospace industry.

Fully Dimmable

Control the entire venue using just one Smart Driver™ power supply. One step or 100, does not matter, wire everything in parallel. Control brightness via 0 – 10 VDC dimming or DMX 512.

Quality and Value

We make it all! Our designs, and engineering. We are not buying materials from who knows where or what source? Then repackaging them for your venue. We are proud to manufacture Light Tape® in the United States.


StepGuard™ Safety Egress

Step and aisle illumination are our specialties. We literally designed the StepGuard™ system around the perennial favorite safety light, Light Tape®. The aluminum step profiles are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Our standard widths are 1 and 1.2 meters but we can produce custom lengths up to 6 meters. We also offer an aisle lighting system in rolls up to 25 meters in length®. Each fixture has a rubber insert to prevent water from entering, ideal for cinemas.
Installation is quick and easy. Step profiles arrive plug-n-play, just screw them down. For our aisle lighting system, we offer caps to allow for 90 degree turns on the ground. Wiring has never been easier with our wire-way channel, designed for above ground wiring, no penetrations required. Lighting can be controlled via remote 0 – 10 vdc dimming. Our Smart Driver™ Power Supplies can operate multiple steps or segments connected in parallel. In many cases, an entire venue can be operated from one power source. (Tecnoquimicas Auditorium Project in Cali, Colombia)

StepGuard™ Safety Egress

Light Tape® is the most versatile egress solution available. In addition to our StepGuard™ egress step and aisle fixture system. It is possible to fabricate each segment to a specified length and width. We can print any message directly on the Light Tape® lamp from directional arrows, customized text or branded images.
Everything is housed in our Snap-n-Light™ polycarbonate mounting channels and are available in continuous lengths up to 100 feet. Specifically designed to protect Light Tape® from abuse while allowing for expansion and contraction due to changes in weather. Delivered preassembled in rolls, ready for installation. The entire system can be operated from mains power with battery back-up available in cases of emergency. (Image, Dead Sea Hilton Resort, Jordan)

StepGuard™ Safety Egress

Originally the US Military utilized Light Tape® for the ability to be seen from great distances through smoke and fog. A very visible light source that remains crisp and clear, not blurry from a distance. Important qualities when it comes to navigation in hazardous conditions.
In addition to long linear directional lighting, we also apply those principles to custom signage with an ultra-thin form factor. A perfect solution in public spaces where ADA compliance must be considered. We have the ability to make signage with any message or symbol. The entire system can be integrated into Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) and controlled from a remote command center. (Image, I-395 Tunnel Washington DC, USA)