Light Tape® is essentially a flat light bulb. The even illumination without the need for diffusion allows for greater design freedom. A ‘fixture’ to house the lighting to aide diffusion is no longer required. Light Tape® can be delivered as a finished good ready for assembly or in long continuous rolls for customizable manufacturing.


No need for diffusion

The entire surface of Light Tape® emits light. It is not a single point light source that needs a diffusion layer or recessed cavity to spread light. Integrating the light fixture into your surface has never been easier.

Customizable form factor

Available in almost infinite sizes and colors, Light Tape® can fit your design. It is not necessary to design your lighting package around the available light bulb or the limitations of LEDs. Long runs, bends, flexible, dimmable, so many design options.

Solid state technology

Chemically bonded layers utilizing our patented technology and processes. A giant capacitor that emits light and produces no heat. No flux to fail, filaments to break, extremely tolerant to temperature, vibration and shock.

Flexible manufacturing

Delivered as a final part, cut to length with customized power ready to integrate. Light Tape® can also be supplied in long rolls, cut to length and terminated at your factory. Perfect for applications where varying lengths are required.


OEM Accent Lighting

Integrated Accent Lighting

Blending into the surface, Light Tape® provides the perfect balance of illumination and elegance. Not harsh on the eyes, yet enough to be impactful. A simple fixture is needed to house the thin electroluminescent strip. Adding illumination to a previously un-illuminated surface has never been easier. Electronics can be built to accept almost any input voltage and delivered in a bespoke form factor.

Safety Lighting With A Sexy Twist

Electroluminescent technology has long been utilized for safety egress lighting, but it has never looked so good in the past. We have the ability to provide a branded look while not losing the practical functionality. Originally designed for aircraft aisle way lighting, expanding to the exit navigation, utilized on ceilings as night lights and a number of egress applications.