Light Tape® lamps will change the way you think about linear accent lighting, an illuminating medium like no other. The applications are endless one can create with Light Tape®. It is possible to achieve a look that was once was impossible with LEDs or other light sources. Light Tape can be delivered as a finished part, ready for plug and play assembly, or in long continuous rolls for customizing your next project.



East To Install, Peel and Stick

Complete your installation in under an hour. Roll out Light Tape, stick it on with double sided adhesive, and plug it in. It really is that easy.

Customize On Location

Unsure about your final sizes? Lengths arrive on site too long? No need to fret! You can cut with scissors and use our end seal tape to finish the end. Or you can order in roll format, which allows you to cut and connect on site for the perfect fit.

Form Factor Like No Other

Light Tape® bends easily around turns, allowing for seamless illumination in runs up to 150 feet (45m). Not to mention, it’s thin as a credit card and always cool to the touch. There’s nothing else in the world like it

Colors To Match Your Brand

With our wide color range, rest assured there is something that will capture your brand’s essence. If you don’t see something that works for you, we can work with you to closely match your branded color. Perfect for product launches, exhibition booths, and other branded events.


Linear Accent Lighting

Customizable Solutions

Light Tape® is a simple plug-n-play ultra-low profile lighting system. We offer a wide range of standard illuminated widths and colors. Lengths to exact measurement, or purchase by rolls and customize final measurements on site. A range of Smart Driver™ power supplies equipped to accept either AC or DC input voltages and are worldwide capable. All our products are UL tested and certified with other accreditations upon request.
Our engineering team has over decade of experience developing accent lighting systems. Manufactured in long rolls to your specification and delivered as either a final part or a raw material to be converted. We can create custom electronics and accessories to fully support your solution. Light Tape® is extremely easy to adapt into most designs.

Perfect For Application Integration

Product Launches, Events, Trade Show Booths, Entertainment, Retail Environment, Mobile Engagement, Museum Exhibitions, Art Installations, and OEM Applications.