Our patent protected Light Tape® transit system is compatible with just about any form of transportation. City busses, coaches, trains, and trolley’s, it really does not matter. The Light Tape® is supplied as a peel and stick solution. Applied directly to the desired illuminated surface and tied into the transit power. After that, business as usual, just apply your standard backlit vinyl as normal and light it up!


24 Hour Coverage, Take Back The Night

Keep your ad from slipping into the darkness of the night. Guarantee your campaign’s effectiveness by increasing visibility to a full 24 hours. Focus your customer attention to exactly where you want it.

Reusable, Multiple Campaigns

Light Tape® is totally recyclable, just replace the top layer artwork and leave the rest. Change the copy as normal once the Light Tape® is installed, or move it to another location surface for a different campaign.

Power Washers or Potholes, No Problem

Light Tape’s solid state technology is up for the task. A proven system in the harshest environments. Each component was specifically engineered for transit lighting. All tested and UL approved.

Easy To Install And Integrate Into Vehicles

The entire system can be installed in 3 hours. Our Smart Driver™ Power Supplies are designed to connect to whatever power source you have. Both DC or AC inputs are possible at a variety of voltages.


Transit Lighting

Reusable Bus Advertisements

Converting the side of a bus into a light box can be done in a matter of hours, not days. Our patented three part system is designed for simplicity. Utilizing the existing vinyl advertisement on the bus side as a base layer, simply peel and stick the Light Tape® panel onto that surface. Connect into the bus electrical system and cover with standard translucent Flexcon Lite® Cal vinyl graphic, then flip the switch. No hardware needed, no damage to the bus surface and still then as a credit card.

Integrated Under Vinyl Wraps

Planes, trains and automobiles can all be illuminated with the patented Light Tape® transit system. Same three part process, which enables the brand owner to select where on their vehicle they want to illuminate. The graphics are printed with a blackout layer to provide crisp illumination delineation. Your branded message will never look sharper.