Curves have never looked this good

Form-fitting to almost any space, it's the most versatile light you've ever seen.


Thinner than a credit card (0.02″), up to 30 inches wide of even glow, and single runs up to 150 feet long with one connection. Light Tape® lamps employ a radically distinctive and patent-protected form of electroluminescent technology. It exists in the form of ultra-low-profile, lightweight panels and strips that seamlessly and evenly illuminate from edge to edge. The philosophy behind the product is simple: a light’s physical design should not restrict design or artist vision. With Light Tape®, you have the possibility to turn anything into light. That’s where our specifics stop and your creativity starts.


Easy Installation

Flexible illumination of 30 meters or more with a single connection. Cut your installation time by 75%.

Unmatched Durability

Heavy load capable, vibration and impact resistant. Able to withstand high physical impact and still illuminate.

More Energy Efficient

Light Tape® uses 40% less power than traditional LEDs at equal brightness.

Custom Cut Shapes

Illuminate non-symmetric shapes with a uniform mirror image light source. Allow your creativity to determine your lights design.

Thin & Flexible

Thinner than a credit card and nearly a meter wide. Light Tape® can fit into any tight area and cover any surface with ease.

Made In The USA:

Top quality, built with pride utilizing the best materials and manufactured to last.

No Heat

Unlike LEDs, Light Tape® can run for 40,000 hours and never get hot. Plus operates in extreme temperatures.

Even Illumination

No hot or cold spots at any size, a uniform light source without the need for diffusion.